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Day of the African Child 2016


Every year on 16th of June, Saint Marin CSA Join other stakeholders in sensitizing the community on the chosen theme for the Day of the African Child (DAC).

The focus of the DAC 2016 will be on ―Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all children‘s right.

 In the celebration of the DAC 2016, it must be understood that in the devastation that accompanies conflicts and crisis, children, being one of the most vulnerable segments of the civilian population, are negatively affected in various ways. The protection of all children‘s rights therefore must be prioritized.

Wars and conflicts put children in situations where children‘s rights are violated, including the right to life, the right to live in a family environment, the right to health, the right to education and the right to survival and development.

In 2013, the United Nations Secretary General identified six grave violations of children‘s rights in times of armed conflict. These are as follows: -

                  i. Recruitment and use of children

                ii.  Killing and maiming of children

              iii.   Sexual violence against children

              iv.    Attacks against schools or hospitals

                v.  Abduction of children

              vi.   Denial of humanitarian access.

These violations are not conclusive but reflect those which must be prioritized in addressing the protection of children‘s rights in Africa‘s conflict and crisis situations.    During conflict children are often denied the right to access universal primary and secondary education, thus limiting their chances for better education.

 Further, children become acutely undernourished and prone to illness and are usually the first to die. More disturbingly, girl children are even more vulnerable than usual to sexual abuse. In order to ensure their survival, children are often forced to flee on their own. This makes them even more vulnerable as any source of protection remains absent, and in most cases there are undocumented. Any intervention to curb Africa‘s challenges in eliminating conflict and crisis should place the best interest of the child as a primary consideration.

This year St. Martin CSA together with other stakeholders will mark this day by organizing for a procession round Nyahururu town with several stopovers where elaboration on the theme will be done and community sensitized about the day.   The event will be hosted by Mt. Angels Primary School in their adjacent County Social hall, Nyahururu.





We are happy to introduce to you our Asante Newsletter Vol. 3.

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St. Martin CSA Annual Report 2014/2015


This report is a summarized account of the joys shared by members of the family of St. Martin in their daily encounters with the poor. It is written for you , so that you may read and share it with others. Our hope is that when you read through it, you will feel welcomed to participate in our activities and become part of this transforming experience.




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