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St martin Annual Report2019 2020 Page 01 The annual report 2019-2020 is now available. It talks about the activities of the organisation and their achievements in the reporting period. But it also acknowledges all the untold stories where people supported each other following the spirit of St. Martin CSA, knowing or unknowingly. The current annual report can only represent a small example of these stories and express our gratitude for all the small and big contributions.



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hand washing pointsWe are committed to continuing securing our communities from COVID-19, especially in the poor neighbourhoods. For this reason, we joined hands with L'Arche Kenya, Talitha Kum Children's Home,  Fondazione Fontana Onlus and Fondation Assistance Internationale in installing hand-washing facilities for public use. Thanks to the County Government of Laikipia, these tanks are always refilled with water. Kindly make use of these facilities. Wash your hands frequently so that together we control the spread of COVID-19.


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mubia 1Mubia village. is populated by Turukanas, a minority within Laikipia county. The remote village is particularly vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic as economic opportunities are few. Therefore, the Emergency Relief Programme of St. Martin took a special effort to support it.

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erpThe restrictions imposed to contain the coronavirus have disrupted many lives. Especially people who are vulnerable and already facing many problems found themselves in peril very quickly. For example, Janet and her mother, who were evicted from their house, or Daniel, who at the age of 18 had to take charge of his family, or Margaret and her 13 grandchildren. The Stawisha Jamii - Emergency Response Project (ERP) of St. Martin CSA reaches out to help these people.


deinstitutionalisationThe Community Programme for Children in Need has released a new animation that explains why children are safer at home than in an institution (children's home). With gratitude to our partner Kindernothilfe E.V.