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St. Martin-CSAis a religious grass root organisation, registered as a trust, which has been started in response to the problems of several vulnerable groups of people in the communities, who seemed to have been neglected and forgotten. The organisation does not directly target the beneficiaries. But instead, it aims to promote solidarity in the community by building a capacity of volunteers that can take care of the needy among them.

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The work of St. Martin-CSA, in fact, is done through a network of more than 1000 community volunteers who are recruited from different communities. They undergo a process of spiritual and technical formation so that they are empowered to make real changes in the lives of the beneficiaries. They also learn how to involve other people in the community.

A second group of 91 volunteers work at the management level of the organisation, the volunteer committee members. They sit in committees and direct the activities of the different programmes. St. Martin believes that involving the community can only effectively be done if the same community is involved at the planning and decision making level.

The precious work of the volunteers is supported by a team of about 90 staff members.

The work in St. Martin CSA has been organised in individual programmes that complement each other, which are:

1. Community Programme for People with Disabilities:

2. Community Programme for Children in Need

3. Community Programme for Peace and Reconciliation

4. Community Programme for Addiction and HIV

5. Relief and Emergencies 

The work of the programmes is complemented by the following departments:

Logistical: Secretariat, Finance, Assets and Properties, Security, Transport.
Support: Training and Facilitation, Public Relations, Human Resource, Community Mobilization.

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