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Organizational Structure



Formation and Care

Spiritual and technical formation of all stakeholders is done to enhance the care for, and empowerment of, beneficiaries.



More than receivers of service they are the ones with the capacity to transform the community.



The community has been be-stowed gifts and resources to share with the poor. In the process of sharing, solidarity is built and communities are transformed.



Receive formation of mind and heart in order to care for the vulnerable and mobilize the community into action.



Empower volunteers through building capacities and facilitate their work in the community.



Plan, monitor and evaluate all activities in the programmes and oversee the work of the staff, giving advice and direction.



The board, directors and trustees help to keep the organisation true to its Vision, Mission, Approach and Spirit.


Logistics Departments

Facilitate the work of the programmes to increase effectiveness and efficiency.


Support Departments

Work alongside the programmes to ensure that results against set tar-gets are achieved and that the spirit and approach are promoted.



Collaborate closely with the organisation in serving the beneficiaries and the community.


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