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Faith through action case study: believing in the potential 1

John, Kuria and Kamau are three orphans, whose mother died of AIDS. They were left behind in a one-roomed grass-thatched house, built by their grandparents, which was in a sorry state.
Kuria, who had just joined secondary school when his mother died, dropped out soon after for lack of school fees. Everyday became a struggle to make sure there was something to fill their stomachs. Wambui, the St. Martin area volunteer, learned about the perils of the family and took up the case. She asked the local administration to convene a community meeting to discuss the plight of the orphans. With the help of the St. Martin social worker, she talked in this meeting about the need for solidarity and she moved the community into action.
As a result a fund-raising was organised and different resources donated in the form of food, clothes, building materials and money. A decent house was built for the orphans and Kuria’s balance in the school was cleared. The community also provided a piece of land and labour, which was supplemented with seed and fertilizer through St. Martin and this ensured that the orphans would not go without food. Finally the volunteer approached the school administration asking them to consider Kuria for school bursaries and to give him manual jobs during school holidays to supplement his school fees. The orphans now have become the responsibility of the community and are well provided and cared for. They no longer are in a desperate condition, because they know they have neighbours who care.

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