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Faith through action case study: believing in the potential 2

One day, two St. Martin staff members were discussing how to solve a problem with a boy called Mwangi, who was HIV infected and sickly. Mwangi, had been staying with a relative, but after hospitalisation that was one of very many in a row, the relative gave up and refused to accept the boy back into the home. The family could not cope with this boy any longer. The staff felt defeated, knowing the nature of the decease the boy was suffering from. Where could they accommodate this boy? Who would welcome him, if not his own relatives? They felt that the best solution would be the search for an institution, but that would take several weeks. What could be done in the meantime? After exhausting the solutions, one staff member suggested that Mwangi could stay some days with him. At that moment though a woman came out of the kitchen, outside which these staff members had been discussing Mwangi’s case. Through the window she had followed the whole conversation and immediately she offered herself to welcome this boy in her home. The boy went to stay with this family and the idea of the institution was soon forgotten. This was one of the many times in St. Martin that we had been challenged for not believing in the people who are generous and happy to assist where they can. We often have the wrong perception, that only we are the people who could solve the problems and yet the solution was behind the window, but we could not see it.  

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