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Faith through action case study: seeing the poor differently 1

Esther was rescued from the streets after having lived there for several years. She underwent a process of rehabilitation; yet, she could not be reunited with her family because her mother was an alcoholic surviving through prostitution. Volunteers approached a family in Ol Joro Orok and asked them if they could welcome Esther into their home. The family accepted, event though they already had 7 children of their own and had few sources of income. The new parents had to ask their own daughter of the same age to share some of her clothes with Esther. The mother was surprised when the daughter went to the wardrobe and removed some of her favourite dresses. She gave them to Esther, revealing a generosity the mother had not noticed before. It was then that the mother remembered the words of the volunteer: ‘you may think that this girl needs you, but you will come to realize that it’s actually your family that needs her.’

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