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Community Prayer

{xtypo_quote} Our Father
remove from us selfishness
and make us ready to give freely
since we freely received.

Jesus our brother
let us follow your example
in caring for the needy
always remembering that the
greatest is the one who serves more
and the first is the last of all.

Spirit of Love bind us together
against the one who tries to divide us
and grant us forgiveness and mercy.

We thank you Lord
for the joy of sharing with the poor
and for the healing of our hearts.




Weekly sharing.

Every Tuesday morning the staff of St. Martin CSA gathers to start the week with a moment of prayer. In this moment staff relate the Gospel with their personal experiences in working with communities and the beneficiaries.
It is this moments of prayer and togetherness from which most of the staff derive the inspiration for another week of service. The sessions are ended with the community prayer. You can find the latest readings here.

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