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Accounts Department

This department is charged with the following roles in supporting other projects and departments in St. Martin;

  • Making sure that sound financial procedures are maintained and followed.
  • It also is the custodian of funds available for use on a day to day basis.
  • Storekeeping and maintenance of inventory register of all assets of the organization. 
  • Keeping of accounting records of the organization. 
  • Participating in audits every financial year.
  • Receiving money on behalf of St. Martin CSA.
  • Making payments on behalf of St. Martin CSA.
  • Making sure that all statutory financial requirements are complied with.
  • Assist the Chief executive officers to prepare their financial reports.

Although most of the department’s is in the office, members also take time to join in other programmes’ activities especially in the field with beneficiaries and volunteers in the spirit of St Martin.

St.Martin CSA Annual Reports


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