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Training and Facilitation Department

The Training and Facilitation Department was created in the year 2004 to enable the organization move towards its Vision of having a society in which communities care for and involve vulnerable groups of people in love and solidarity. As derived from its Mission, St. Martin CSA aims to do this through developing a capacity in the community and empowering ‘able’ members who in turn will help the organization realize its Vision.

To a great extent, the task of capacity building and empowerment falls under the Training and Facilitation Department.


The goal of the department is “An increased capacity among staff and volunteer management committee members to manage & implement social development programmes that will empower the community to involve and care for vulnerable groups of people”.


To achieve this goal, the department undertakes the following activities:

  • Identification of staff and volunteer management committee members’ training needs

  • Development of training manuals and training materials according to the identified needs

  • Actual training and facilitation of the courses

  • Evaluation of the courses offered. The lessons learnt from evaluations done are used to enhance the trainings

  • Impact assessment of the activities undertaken in the department in an endeavor to accomplish the goal


St.Martin CSA Annual Reports


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