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Effatha day celebrations

Simona's first encounter with the public in Kenya was during the Effatha Day celebrations which brought together parents and children with disabilities, children from special units, volunteers who work with and for people with disabilities in the area and the general public. This celebration was held in L'Arche Kenya Effatha Home which hosts people with and without intellectual disabilities to live in a community of love, friendship and trust. During this day, Simona expressed great admiration for children with disabilities and asked them to be proud of whom they are. She also challenged others to accept the people with disabilities and give them a chance to do what they can do best. Her self-acceptance was of great testimony to the masses that attended the ceremony. "If God was to grant a miracle of your choice would you ask for arms?" A participant asked Simona. In response, Simona explained that a great miracle had already been done in her life and she was not eager for any other miracle. "It's a miracle that my feet are my arms too. If God gave me arms today, I wouldn't know what to do with them. I honestly would not ask to be given arms." Such a testimony made us reflect so much about how we keep complaining to God about small things and are not keen on thanking him for the gifts He has entrusted to us.

effatha day

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