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Thomson Falls Nyahururu prison

Simona also had a chance to interact and motivate prisoners in one of the prisons in Nyahururu town. It was an extremely touching moment as the prisoners expressed how Simona made an impact in their life. Three days after her visit to the prison, she had this to say,

"A few days ago, I went to the prison and I was afraid. I didn't know what to tell them or even how to do it. All in all I went. It is difficult to say what happened in the prison for I was transformed. I have never felt such a feeling. It was so profound that I don't have words to describe the feeling. However I can rightly say that I loved it."

Simona's visit to the prison left them encouraged to take life positively and trust in themselves. Towards the end of the day's programme and as people dispersed, Simona joined the prisoners in dancing to a song in the local language and the feeling that filled the prison cannot easily be captured by words. People were moved to tears as they danced and celebrated life together.

Nyahururu Prison

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