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St. Martin CSA Annual Report 2013-2014


New Publications 2014

During this year St.Martin community embarked on a journey of documenting our experiences through publications. We are happy to introduce to you our two new publications.

                                                     1. Sharing Life 

 This book shows us another face of Africa. It tells a story of solidarity, about peoples’ commitment to the weak and the vulnerable and how life mysteriously flows from those who are weak and in need. It takes the reader through the phases of development of Saint Martin CSA towards promoting this solidarity. 



 2. Beloved

This book is a collection of 7 stories of discovery. It narrates how people with physical and intellectual disabilities have touched and transformed many lives. Through the life – changing experiences in this book, the reader will be drawn to a new awareness of people with disabilities and what they can become for us if we open our hearts and eyes, to see them  differently. 

The above books are available in:

  • The Catholic Bookshop - Nyahururu
  • Marleen Crafts - Boston House - Nyahururu
  • Saint Martin Offices

With a Different Mind

Saint Martin together with other likeminded partners came together to organize an event that seeks to look at disability with a different mind. Can persons with disabilities be agents of transformation in society? Are they only beneficiaries of our generosity or they too have something to offer to us? It is such questions that informed the theme of the event: PERSONS WITH DISABILITES; A GIFT TO HUMANITY


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The conference took place on 26th September 2014 in Tangaza University College- Karen. This day provided a platform for participants to listen to stories of transformation after an encounter with persons with disabilities. Those who shared their experiences included parents of children with disabilities, people with disabilities, religious leaders, and leaders of institutions of higher learning as well as care takers of persons with disabilities


The concert took place on 27th September 2014 in Sarakasi Dome in Ngara. During this day the gifts of people with disabilities were made known as they exhibited their talents and skills in the display stands provided. Some artists living with disabilities came to entertain people and gave them an opportunity to witness the potential of people with disabilities.


St.Martin CSA Annual Reports


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