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For a long time several important offices of St. Martin CSA have been accommodated in small wooden barracks at the back of the compound. In 2007 the organisation however started the construction of a new office block just across the street of the current building and hopes to open its doors in the early months of 2008. The workplaces of the Voluntary Counselling and Testing facility of the Community Programme for HIV/AIDS Alcohol and Drug Abuse, the Community Mobilization Department and the Properties Manager will transfer their offices from the small wooden barracks to the new location.
The new compound also has a new meeting hall as the meeting hall in the current building has been changed into the Gym and Physiotherapy department for the Community Programme for People with Disabilities.
St. Martin CSA has been growing steadily over the years and with it the need for more office space did as well. Therefore it is of great joy that all the departments and programmes will have an opportunity to continue growing in service to the vulnerable comfortably from 2008.

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