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A cry for help

In February 2007 a young girl was brought to our rescue centre by the local  administration. Her mother, a drunkard, had left her naked and alone as usual in the rented house they were living in. The neighbours and other community member felt the girl had suffered enough and rescued her through an opening in the wall. When her mother learnt of these happenings she disappeared from the village.

At the time of the rescue her health was poor. She was poorly fed and had been exposed to cold for many months. The nurses of the local dispensary attended to her immediately and made sure she was properly immunized. As hospitals require a name to be entered into their records she was given a name on the spot, Virginia.

A child cries to express itself, to influence the way things are done and to seek attention. Virginia had probably cried for many months. Out of cold, out of hunger, out of loneliness and so on, but with no response she finally gave up. For the first three days in the centre she didn’t cry or smile she just stared into space. One could only guess what was going through her mind. We were very happy when at last she started to cry and smile. She had finally experienced a sense of belonging among the staff and the bigger girls in the center who were all more than happy to attend to her needs.

Three months down the line, Virginia is a happy and well integrated child.
Though she is a child without a family we are all there to care for her. Her parents will not experience the joy of bringing her up, seeing her first steps, uttering her first words, this joy was given to us and those who will take care of her in future.

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