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In preparation for the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on 26th June, the Community Programme for Addiction and Mental Health organised a symposium to take stock of the addiction issues in its target area. The event will gather a number of local institutions and personalities who will discuss emerging issues and trends on alcohol and drug abuse, challenges, and possible remedies and or interventions. 

26th June is a day set aside to highlight the dangers of drug use and their illegal trade.  This involves the creation of awareness on the extreme cultural, health, and economic harm the trade with and consumption of drugs is still doing across the globe one hundred years after the war on drugs was initially launched in Shanghai. In this regard, we acknowledge drug abuse and addiction as a real crisis that needs urgent intervention. The event will be opened by Rev. Wangai Gachoka focusing on the emerging trends and issues around drug abuse. Thereafter there shall be an interactive breakaway session where participants will discuss the following sub-themes:

  • A recoverees perspective 
  • A treatment center perspective 
  • An employer’s perspective 
  • An academic perspective 

The groups shall hold discussions with the mind of identifying the emerging trends and challenges that are being witnessed in the field of alcohol and drug abuse. This will prepare a discussion on the way forward in addressing these challenges with an aim of coming up with recommendations to the stakeholders charged with the responsibility of addressing drug abuse. 

A detailed report of the event will be published on these pages as soon as available.