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symp cmdChurches, religious and faith-based organizations play traditionally an important part in caring for the needy members of our society. However, some studies suggest that this engagement for solidarity and love is decreasing. St. Martin CSA is organising a symposium to discuss this development and possible solutions. The event will be held in a virtual setting via Zoom. All interested people are invited to take part.

All major faiths in Kenya – Islam, Christianity, Judaism, traditional African religions – have a strong component of giving to the poor, addressing social issues, and building strong and healthy relationships in the community.  It’s evident from literature and people's testimonies that whenever the faith communities have been most alive, they have propagated the tradition of valuing the presence of the vulnerable.  In the recent past, it’s evident that faith communities have forsaken the weak for the strong, the poor for the rich, the unknown for the popular and the movement has stagnated and lost its way (Levy, 2020). 
  In view of the above, St. Martin CSA is convening a symposium to help in attempting to answer the question,” how can we regain the values and engage the resources of faith communities in caring and empowering the vulnerable and the marginalized?”. The overall objective of this symposium is to highlight the place of the vulnerable in faith communities and the contributions of these communities in achieving meaningful change in the lives of vulnerable groups of people. We want to enhance the understanding of the challenges and opportunities faith communities face in caring for vulnerable and marginalized people in post-modern society. And we want to draw practical lessons on how to reenergize faith communities in caring for vulnerable and marginalized people.

Join the Zoom Meeting at

Meeting ID: 842 8358 5868
Passcode: 200941

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