pta project

St. Martin CSA and L’Arche Kenya are implementing a joint 3 years (April 2018-March 2021) project dubbed “A path towards Autonomy” with funding and technical support from Fondation Assistance Internationale. The aim of the project is to strengthen institutional, programmatic and financial sustainability of L’Arche Kenya and St. Martin CSA. The project is working towards:

  • Strengthening the capacity to develop, implement and evaluate strategic plans 
  • Enhancing communication and visibility
  • Improving the quality of services provided to the vulnerable population through reinforced individual, groups and organisational capacity and an enabling environment
  • Increasing community support 
  • Strengthening the technical and human capacity to use and manage ICT 
  • Ensuring greater financial support


Logo FAI

FAI is a humanitarian foundation, for the benefit of the general public and implements all its activities believing in the value of common good and of communities. It gives priority to the fundamental conditions that make it possible to achieve development responsibly and to build the common good. This resonates well with the mission of L’Arche Kenya and St. Martin CSA. FAI concentrates its activities on capacity building for non-profit organisations, believing that they often focus their organizational development on programs or projects while neglecting systems and infrastructure. Improving management practices. Without capacity building, organisations run the risk of focusing all their energy and attention on providing services and expanding projects. This lack of a strong foundation may lead to organizational instability, which might appear in old and deteriorating equipment, poor communication between leadership and staff, and "mission drift" - a loss of focus on nonprofit's founding principles.

Read more in the icon pdf Project Profile (pdf 243KB)