The evaluation set out to examine the understanding of the approach amongst stakeholders, how effective it is in reaching the set goals of St.  Martin, and if and how it can replicated and adapted for similar projects. Interviews were conducted with all stakeholdergroups (beneficiaries, volunteers, community members, public sector, associates and staff) in all 11 zones where St. Martin CSA is active. 
The findings show that the approach is an innovative method to involve the communities into improving the situation of vulnerable people in their midst. A social and economic impact on the lives of beneficiaries was found and the approach is ready to be used in similar settings where the participation of the community is wished for. Finally, the the involved stakeholders have a good understanding of the approach. 
The evaluation makes a number of recommendations, amongst others: The need for a continuous effort to train the stakeholders on what the St. Martin Approach is and how it is applied was identified in combination with a better documentation of the lessons learned. And an increased collaboration with other organisations could help spread but also improve the ideas and concept of the approach.
In this context, St. Martin CSA publish a case study regarding its approach in the journal "International Affairs and Global Strategy (Vol 77, 2019)