The primary objective of these workshops was to foster dialogue on conflict and conflict resolution, with a specific focus on early detection and prevention of violence, which has detrimental effects on children. Participants were encouraged to share any signs they had observed in the past that indicated an impending conflict, and they shared numerous examples. They were then tasked with discussing their role in preventing or minimizing such conflicts to a manageable level. Surprisingly, most participants believed that addressing conflicts was solely the responsibility of the village chief and the local administration.

Following some additional input, Korel shared a personal reflection: "I feel guilty because, in 2018, there was a conflict and outbreak of violence in my village. I had heard community members discussing plans to relocate, noticed unfamiliar individuals in the village, and witnessed students being withdrawn from school. Despite being a village elder at the time, I failed to communicate these concerns to the chief. I did not feel accountable for the peace of my community. Now, as a member of the peace committee, I realize the importance of taking responsibility. I pledge to utilize the training provided by St. Martin to safeguard the peace of my community, including the well-being of our children, irrespective of cultural or tribal differences."

Korel then turned his attention towards the facilitators, who were staff members of the project, and stated, "I will devote myself to ensuring peace in my village. Any challenges I encounter, I will promptly report to either the chief or the Assistant County Commissioner, who has graciously shared his contact information with us today." He then glanced at the other participants and asked, "Are you equally motivated to embrace our responsibilities and strive for lasting peace?" They responded with nods of agreement.

Our reach in 2022

Dumisha Amani

150 community volunteers
1095 pupils
1496 youth
Awareness created to 7775 community members

Awakening Suppressed Voices

215 male agents of change
60 community facilitators (volunteers)
45 community health volunteers
50 young ambassadresses trained and mentored.
204 women trained on GBV, decision making, leadership and economic literacy.
3115 community members reached through awareness raising.